Trouble in Welcoming Your New Dog Into Home: Choose Pet Sitting Service

So, you finally made your dream come true. You got a new and adorable cuddly puppy. And so, your home is no more a boring place for your children (and…secretly you too?)

But wait, did your puppy just pee on your new carpet? Oh god, is it not stopping its constant bark?

A few months are gone and your puppy is not following any commands. Sit! Stop Barking! Why won’t you eat! Nothing seems to work. So, now you think “Am I the worst dog owner ever?” Sadly many fail to handle this situation and finally end up to returning the little creature. But don’t just give up!! You can be exceptional. It is easy if you do it smart. But I can help you. Just follow these few tips and you too can be a happy “Pet Parent”.

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  1. Get Your Kids On Board:

For some of you, the main purpose for getting a puppy is your kid who has been craving one for years. And there’s nothing wrong too. For me also, many golden memories involved my golden labrador retriever . The bond of a kid with the pet is unlike any other. With pets in your house, your kids can learn responsibility from dog ownership. But keep in mind – your kid is used to four walls of your home, but the pup is not.

For your kids, your puppy is being added to what is a known world for them. But for that puppy, it’s like going to a different universe. Nothing is familiar for the little furry kid. Hence to see your children running around, playing and getting excited, the dog will only react poorly. So, it is better to avoid any over stimulation for your puppy and your kid must stay calm around the pup and can engage him in different physical activities until he is used to your home and you. To make this go easy you can hire pet sitters to organize things, and make your kid learn what is to be done and how is to train your pup.

  1. Get Outside With Your Puppy:

A regular vet visit is essential for the pup. When your pup grows little big and your vet prescribe it is OK for your pup to go outside, it is time for your pup to meet new people, pups and get friendly with the world around.

I am sure you must have been in some houses, where pups keep on jumping around new people, barking constantly and showing bad temper? These are just due to lack of exposure of that pup in early days. So, meeting new people when your pup is really small can help to control this bad behaviour with strangers – which is essential for any dog.

Many pet sitting services are mushrooming around the corners. You can ask them for a dog walk – which is absolutely essential for good health of any dog. A dog park is an ideal place, as other dogs can play with your pup and they can have real good time. Normally, such puppies are not harmful at all, as otherwise they wouldn’t be at the dog park. Teaching your dogs that other dogs re not his enemies will prevent him from any dog fight in coming days.

  1. Pet Sitting Services:

Pet Care Services and Pet Sitting services can also be an affordable solution for your problem. Pet sitters are insured, trained and have good experience in looking after dogs of almost all breeds. If you choose in-home pet sitting services, you can also avail additional benefits that include –

Daily Exercise of your pets, Litter maintenance, Regular Indoor & Outdoor Pet Mess Cleanup, Home Security Checks, Watering indoor and outdoor plants, Checking Mails and Collecting Newspaper (on request) etc. Thus, you see they are really affordable and so you can always ask them for a pet sitting arrangement to train your new family member and make it actually a loyal and friendly member of your family.

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