Aquarium Maintenance- ‘Wishing Your Fish a Healthy Life’

Sadly, love for fishes is not enough to ensure their longevity if one is looking to pet them. One of the key aspects that should be catered to is the environment that they are made to reside in, commonly known as the aquarium. One should know how to maintain the aquarium properly as the state … Continue reading "Aquarium Maintenance- ‘Wishing Your Fish a Healthy Life’"

Fish as Pets: A Beginner’s Guide

According to a survey of American Pet Products Association, 95.5 million of freshwater fish are owned by US household. The number outweighs Dogs and Cat ownership, which stands at 77.8 million and 85.8 million respectively. Fish makes great pets. You can celebrate your lazy hours relaxing your mind by enjoying the tranquil and serene image … Continue reading "Fish as Pets: A Beginner’s Guide"