Pet Grooming: How To Bathe Your Dog

dog bathe tips
Pet Grooming– We love our furry friend to stay fresh and tidy, but that surely is not an easy task for any of the pet parent. Dogs rarely show any excitement to jump into the tub and get ready for a good scrub. But, if you know the right technique, be it a large breed or small, you can bathe it efficiently.

However, you can also get help from a professional groomer or a dog sitter. But if you decide to wade in, we are here with some helpful hints.

To start with, you need few necessary grooming materials –

  1. Dog Shampoo

  2. Dog conditioner (essential for long coated breeds)

  3. Brush

  4. Mineral Oil (for cleaning the eyes)

  5. Two large bath towels

  6. And TREAT!!

Time to Be Ready

  • Before showering water on your pet, trim his nails, and if you have some time on your hands it is better to clean his ear too. You can do this an hour before you start bathing. After you apply drops in his ears, massage the base and let him shake his head a bit. The drops loosen debris and dogs shaking the head tosses it out the ear canal.

  • Now it is the time to bring the dog into the bathroom and close the door behind you. Catching a soapy dog running all over your hallway is a tough task!

  • Talk to your pet in a calm and reassuring voice. You can also give him some treats to make him comfortable in the bathroom.

  • Before you get him into the tub, gently put two large cotton ball in both the ears to keep the water out.

  • Put drops of mineral oil in his eyes. This will help keep the shampoo from irritating his eyes.

Time To Bathe

Dogs are not very likely to get into the tub. So, it is your responsibility to persuade your Fido. For a large breed, you need someone to help you, but for a smaller breed, you can manage it efficiently just with little practice.

  • Use lukewarm water for cleaning.

  • Do not rush. Have enough time for your dog to feel and enjoy the water.

  • When you start with the shampoo, choose to start from the shoulder area, and then slowly move towards the face and other sensitive body parts.

  • Be very gentle when while cleaning the face, and continue the process very slowly.

  • After you are done with cleaning, rinse out all the shampoo using your fingers and a soft brush.

  • Repeat the process twice to avoid any subsequent irritation for the dog.

After Bathe Tips – How To Dry!

After you are done with rinsing, apply conditioner. If the breed of your pup is of thick and long coat type, conditioning is a must. It is better to follow the instruction given on the bottle. You can take the help of your Vet if it is a first time for you. Your dog sitters can also handle the situation well. Now that you are done with the cleaning process, it is the time to dry your pup up.

  • Towel dry should be your primary step.

  • As you have dried up your pet it using two large towels, you can follow it up using a blow dryer set on low.

  • But before you allow your pup to leave the bathroom, dry him up completely and brush it thoroughly.

This will loosen up a lot of furs, which surely is better held in the bathroom than making a mess of your hall and bedroom.

So, after the entire cleaning procedure is concluded, please do not forget to take the cotton balls out of the ears.

Remember – Rewarding is the most essential part of the entire process. You must know what a treat can make your pup happy, so keep that ready and reward him! This will not just make him happy, but will create a strong ground for your next pup-wash!

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