National Pet Month: Create Pet Awareness | Stop Pet Cruelty

National Pet Month is celebrated all over the US to reinvent what that little furry animal of our home brings to our lives – and vice versa. It is observed annually in the month of May in the US and April in the UK.

national pet monthIn this blog, we shall discuss the purpose of observing National Pet Month.

Promote Benefits of Pet Ownership

When it comes to pet benefits, pet provides several health benefits to the owners. One can start from enhancing social skills, and keep on counting with a decrease in the risk of cardiac arrest and improving mental and physical health alike.

After a difficult day, cuddling with your pet cheers any pet owner. Kids exposed to pets (mainly dogs) develop a stronger immune system and can fight back several diseases including allergies. Although this is not applicable for adults already struggling with any long lasting disease. But if your family is not suffering from an allergy, but you are concerned for the same, Fidos can be a good option for you.

Tiresome jobs convince us to skip our regular exercise. But your Fido will not support you, he will push you to take him out for a walk (or sometimes even a run!) This, in turn, should help you to keep up your health and stay fit and fine! If you want a change in your exercise routine, you can venture “DOGA” – the latest Dog-Yoga routines available on YouTube!

Pets provide companionship when you are in blue. Pets can sense your mood and shower eternal love and happiness. It acts as best buddies, particularly for sick and elderly people eliminating their frustration and disappointment.

When kids take care of Fidos and Felines, they develop maturity and learn what it feels to have a living creature depending on them. It teaches them responsibility in a best possible way. If you possess a dog, it will soon teach you the meaning of commitment and help you to develop self-confidence.

Road To Rescue: Support Pet Adoption

A sudden death of the previous owner, lost pets, huge production of the breeders which they cannot sell are the factors creating homeless pets. A home and care are all they look for. You can provide them a shelter and save one life out of 2.7 million! This is the exact number of Felines and Fidos euthanized each year in the United States. The primary reason is the number of Pet Adopters is much lesser than the number of pets seeking shelter.

Ask Yourself – Is it very difficult for you to save an innocent pet life? It can change a homeless animal’s whole world.

Pets For People and People For Pets

These days, animal shelters are brimming with healthy and happy pets just waiting for a perfect home. Pets, as we have already discussed, are in good health, but if you adopt a pet, it will also be for your self esteem. You must have heard about recycling papers and plastics, then why think so much before recycling a pet?

You too can be a responsible and loving pet parent and give shelter to a pet.

Public Awareness of Available Services: Pet Sitting

You might be thinking that your busy schedules may keep you away from the pet, you may not get enough time to look after it – this very thought kills your desire to become a proud pet parent, and so you try to be happy only by browsing pictures of furry animal over the net and not owning them.

But now, you are blessed with the Pet Sitting option. With a professional sitter, you can travel or get tied up with your regular workload with the assurance that your furry friend can enjoy that time with an expert.

Besides regular exercise and pet walking, you can also request your pet sitters for cleaning litter boxes and any other pet mess, watering plants, receiving emails, security checks etc.

Raise Pet Awareness

You can come forward to knock off animal abuse by raising awareness of it. The more we spread the message, the more people will realize, and the more all will be determined to stop animal cruelty.

You can raise an awareness in the way you think, and can stir the world. You can use social media – the most powerful platform of this century, raise your voice against it, hand out leaflets and flyers, or can simply paint a message on your clothes or other accessories. You can also motivate others by posting a petition to stop animal abuse on social networking sites. Posters put on the public, community board are also of equal importance.

Let us take a step ahead and spread the importance of pet to reach hundreds and thousands who can come forward and provide a shelter for homeless animals.

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