Cats, Dogs And Their Coexistence

Pet Sitting- Dogs are loving. Cats are adorable. How about both at the same time in the same place? One might take a bit of time in wrapping his/her head around this particular thought. Many would find the proposition mesmerizing while others might palpitate beyond belief. The question in the reckoning is ‘Can they live together in harmony?’. Well, the answer to it is a resounding Yes!


It might not be the easiest task in hand to establish their coexistence, but it is definitely far from being impossible. Let us have a look at how they can overcome the apparent odds.

Adequate Training

Both the dog and the cat should be trained adequately so that it becomes clear in their understanding that it is not at all a viable option to outlive the other. Initially, it is advisable that the dog is trained well enough to not pose any potential threat during the presence of cats as in most cases, dogs are physically stronger. A good way of breaking the ice is making them live in close proximity but not with both left loose in the same room. A leash should be put on the dog along with equivalent protection for the cat.

Dog Cuisine is different from Cat Cuisine

The category of food for either one of them can be distinguished easily. The set of nutrients required by dogs is considerably different from that of cats. Hence one of the easier things to ensure would be the designation of separate food bowls for both. Although there exists food that meets common purpose, it is advisable not to mix up their cuisine. This will go a long way in avoiding conflicts between the two as their natural instinct for acquiring food results from their drive to satisfy their hunger, much like every other living being. More the difference in their cuisine, lesser the chances of a fight arising between the two.

Discourage scratching

It should be the due responsibility of the master or the pet keeper to ensure that the nails of either of the pets should be allowed till a permissible limit. This limit can be assigned by making sure that the nails are of the adequate size so that they don’t harm the other. Sometimes, during a casual, friendly physical banter between them, one might end up hurting the other as a result of disproportionate nails. Sometimes that is enough for things to turn ugly. Besides, there is always a possibility of harmful germs being contaminated between them through their nails. Thus chopping their nails off before they turn a threat is advisable.

Effective Supervision

Sometimes it might appear that the rapport between the two has excelled beyond expectation. However, it should be kept in mind that both are always kept under optimum supervision. No matter how close their allegiance may appear, it will always be a risky thing to leave them at home and step out for a movie or even a 5-minute ice cream. At the end of the day, no matter how credible the training is and how short the nails are chopped, dogs will remain dogs and cats will be cats.

These are primarily few of the various means that need to be implemented in order to ensure the cohabitation between dogs and cats.

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