Beat The Heat: Summer Dog Care Tips!

Summer is about to set in. I am sure you all like me are waiting to view that gleaming smile of the sunny day. But what are your plans to beat the heat?

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Do you have the pet? Do you know they too can have serious health conditions during summer? Don’t you think you should take care of your furry love to? In this article, we shall discuss how can you beat the heat and still can enjoy the summer with an open heart. So, let’s get started. We shall start with dog in the car.

So, never, ever leave your dog in the car;

During a hot summer day, the car’s temperature can rise approximately 40°F in within an hour and even on a relatively cool 72°F day. Don’t think that your car is not hot at present, so the temperature will not rise much, Cars generally heat up within 30 minutes. Such a situation can not be tackled by cracking down the windows as cars with the cracked windows still can reach the same temperature as those with closed windows. So, your dogs can succumb to heatstroke even if the car is parked in a shade. If you have to leave for work on a hot sunny day, it is better to leave your pet back at home. You can ask for a pet sitter to look after him.

Natural Air and Water:

Your dog needs fresh air. Even if you have switched on AC, make sure that your dog receives unlimited fresh air too. Fresh air is very essential for your dog. So, take him for a walk – early morning if possible. If you don’t have much time, you can ask your pet sitter for a dog walking service. However, it is better to go for a walk during the cooler hours of the day. Do you know just as we need to have plenty of water especially during summer, for dogs also plenty of water is essential during this hot season. But obviously they will not be able to ask it from you, so be sure that you feed your dog enough water to keep him hydrated in the season.

Summer Dog Walking Tips:

While you ask your dog sitter for a dog walk, be careful to schedule the walk time. During the daytime, not only the weather is hot, and can cause serious events like heat stroke, the ground also remains heated that can be a big trouble for their bare paws. Try to avoid roads having a metal (like asphalt) surface, as it can even burn your pet’s paws.

Consult Vet: Get rid of Parasite Effect

During summer, furry pets tend to get attacked by external parasites like fleas, ticks, etc. and sometimes can even get attacked by heartworms. Check your pet regularly, and if you can find so, do not delay to consult your vet immediately and get it treated. You can consider clipping and shave your dog if you have thick coat dog breeds like Afghan Hound, Airedale Terrier, Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Australian Shepherd, Barbet, Bearded Collie, Bedlington Terrier, etc.  To make him feel cool and comfortable. It is better to talk to  your vet. And if your dog has a thin coat, you can apply sunscreen.

These are all we have to share today for your pet. Stay cool and enjoy your summer with your furry love.

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