Aquarium Maintenance- ‘Wishing Your Fish a Healthy Life’

Sadly, love for fishes is not enough to ensure their longevity if one is looking to pet them. One of the key aspects that should be catered to is the environment that they are made to reside in, commonly known as the aquarium. One should know how to maintain the aquarium properly as the state of the aquarium is directly relative to how long the fishes survive. Here are a few things that one aspiring to pet fishes should absolutely ensure.

aquarium maintenance

Background Check

Maintaining a healthy aquarium can be ensured without the services of a pet sitter if you know everything about your fishes. Generally, the factors to consider include the biggest potential size, the other fishes that it is compatible with, permissible temperature level for its survival, etc. A thorough background check will make it easier to provide the right circumstances for the fishes and in turn, helping maintain the aquarium as well.

Populate Gradually

It is not advisable to fill up the tank all at once as then it will become difficult for the fishes to cooperate and co-exist. 3-5 fishes should be released into the tank at once. Another aspect that might crop up is over accumulation of waste that might not be easy for the filter to take care of at one go. Hence, it would be wise to increase the population gradually.

Pertinent Substrate

Fishes are accustomed to a particular set of surroundings in their marine eco-system. Thus, the key to maintaining an effective aquarium is to ensure that the fishes feel as much at home as possible. Providing the relevant substrate will help in ensuring the same. If the fish hails from the sea, then the proper substrate would be sand. On the other hand, river fishes will feel more at home with pebbles around. The optimum quantity of substrate in relation to the water content should also be ensured.

Proper Filtration

The proper filtration method should be adopted to promote the well-being of the habitat, that is the aquarium. The various kinds of filtration include Mechanical Filtration (where suspended particles are captured as a result of water being forced in through a medium), Chemical Filtration (when chemicals that are toxic are passed in through a medium) and Biological Filtration (concentrating on bacteria breakdown).

Optimum Lighting

In the marine ecosystem, fishes are used to receiving energy from the natural sources of light. Therefore to maintain the balance in an aquarium, it should be seen that an optimum amount of light is being provided to the fishes so that they can prosper. The minimum duration of lighting that should be provided ranges anywhere between 7-9 hours per day.

Change water and Avoid over-feeding

The water of the aquarium should be changed at regular intervals to ensure that the fishes are not infected with any residual toxin or bacteria. If a fish dies, it is advisable to change an entire lot of water just to be on the safer side. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that the fishes should be provided food in the optimum proportion. Over feeding can deteriorate their health and lead to their demise and other complications.

The love for fishes should be well complimented with an equal sense of responsibility and commitment. Meticulously ensuring the above will help establish a long life for the fishes. Adhering to credible pet care services can also be an option if someone is not equipped to manage these by him/herself.

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