Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month To Help Felines in Needs

adopt a shelter cat month
Shelters across America are always almost full to the capacity. So, when it comes to breeding season for cats, newborns become homeless. This year ASPCA Animal Hospital and kitten nursery are preparing to take care of newborn kittens whom you can adopt. The ASPCA Adoption Center is hopeful in finding caring shelter for homeless felines. If you are a cat lover do something different to make the newborn cats happy and blessed! You can adopt few ways mentioned below to involve yourself and show how much you care:


What can be a better option than to celebrate your pet love by hosting a fundraiser in their honor? Come forward to support the cause and spread animal awareness for homeless felines. Team ASPCA will support you to organize the fundraiser. ASPCA is celebrating its 150th anniversary, so if you raise $100, you will receive a gift from the ASPCA. The ASPCA will thank the donor with a limited edition of Adopt and Shelter Cat Sticker anyone donating your campaign in June.

Owning a kitten

The Kitten season flood animal centers across the country. If you are longing to own a kitten, this is the ideal time to bring home the one of your choices. A huge number of newborns are in real need of your love and care. Many consider getting two kittens to give company to one. During this breeding season, the ASPCA waives cat adoption fees for cats over three years old. In addition to this, they provide each cat going home with a free toy mouse gift.


If you cannot adopt a cat, you can at least donate in cash or kind to help the shelter and the rescue homes. Most of the animal shelter prepares a wish list of supplies for the newborns, which includes foods, bed, toys and other requisites. You can ask your veterinarian or pet sitter to help you to choose any shelter to help them with the stock before the rush of the new pets strike.

Spread the message and enlighten others

This is the age of social media and digital marketing, so spread this message to include your friends, relatives and neighbors in the adoption group to help a cat finding its caring home. Take pictures of your adopted feline or pictures of your visit to the rescue homes or shelters, and upload them on Facebook and Pinterest. Twitting is also a good option for spreading the message. Your engagement will encourage others to participate in this noble cause and come forward to adopt or at least donate.

Checklist For New Cat-Parents

1. Fix an appointment with your nearby veterinarian before you bring a cat home.
2. Consider cat-sitting arrangement to get accustomed to your cat’s nature and behavior.
3. Prepare a budget before you bring one. Plan for Short-Term and Long-Term costs of maintaining a cat. Remember — Your Cat is your Responsibility.
4. Make sure to inform everyone in your home of the new feline member.
5. Make your home Cat-Proof.
6. Be slow while you introduce your cat to your family members.
7. Stock cat- food supplies.
8. Prepare an emergency plan for your pet.
9. Arrange a pet bed.
10. Shower the animal with lots of love and care.

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