Pet Care: 7 Inexpensive Gifting Ideas For Your Dog

Dog owners often wonder how to treat their dog, especially when it comes to bathing their dog, or even when the owners are planning for a short trip alone. So, today I shall give you a list of 7 gifting ideas, that can surely raise the spirit of your Fido.


dog gift ideas

  1. Treat Ball:

The funny Treat Ball can make you laugh all day long. You will find your dog to grin while chewing the treats kept inside the ball. If you don’t like sharp teeth of your pet, the treat ball can provide the best smiling outlook for your pet. It is quite inexpensive and readily available online. I am sure you treat your dog at bathe-time, so next time treat ball can be handy for you!

  1. Dogbrella:

Dogbrella is another fairly inexpensive buying option for dog owners. If you feel like taking your pet outside for a stroll on a rainy day to let him enjoy the beauty of raindrops, but want to keep him dry at the same time, Dogbrella is the best available solution. It comes in numerous colors and sizes. My choice is See-Through Dogbrella, as it enables my pup to feel the drops keeping him dry and flu-free!

  1. Dog-Muzzle:

Many owners prefer dog muzzle to avoid sudden dog-snap, this is usually appropriate for vet visits or when they are handled by the groomer to ensure the safety of the trainer. Some also put them at bathe-time. But I am sure being the parent, you must feel sorry for your pet? But now, you can see the cute face of the Fido by using Duck-Billed Protective Muzzle or several other muzzles available online.These are also inexpensive and are great to gift!

  1. Dog Food Drawer:

If your residence is a small one (like mine), you can think of interior decorative ideas to save your room space and make a comfortable space for the residents – even your pet dog! Food Drawer not only makes the pet happy but also ensures a clean and tidy room. Hidden Eating Bowls, Eating and Sleeping Station, Dog Food Stands, Raised Dog Feeder are some great inexpensive ideas which I found on Pinterest. Some are so inexpensive that you can do it all by yourself.

  1. Doggie Water Fountain:

My dog is very reluctant to bathing and cleaning himself up. Dog Water Fountain is ideal for all such pups. It entices them and makes them take a quick shower keeping you away from the pain of regular your pup cleaning. However, it might raise your water bill next month.

  1. Pet House:

    Pet House is very common for all pet owners. But if you are a new pet parent, you can be innovative and try out new housing ideas for your pet. As I have already mentioned before, my apartment is quite small, so I have designed Pet Bed that also serves as a perfect coffee table in my living room. However, for big house owners, your neighbors will feel a twinge of envy if you could put Dog fort or Dog Pool in your lush green lawn. You can also plan to keep a Pet and Person Rocking Chair in your garden to cheer your pup, help him to enjoy your company when you swing and relax.

  1. Interactive Pet Cams:

Short office trips are inevitable for me. During this time I prefer keeping dogs at my home only, with a dog sitter. It ensures my pet the comfort of the home and makes him feel safe.

However, many times, during these days, my pet loses his appetite and hate having foods. Though this is normal for 1-2 days, but sometimes it used to extend for more than 3 days and my pet sitter failed to control the situation. I was very worried when my the sitter suggested me of Interactive Pet Cams, and I installed the one. Pet Cams make you interact with your pet when you are out from home and your pet misses you the most. Just show the operation techniques to your sitter and ask her to turn it on when she is about to feed your furry friend. All you need is to interact with your pup (just as you do when you are with him) and make him feel as if you are with him. This will make your pup comfortable and will help your pet sitter to feed him up.

So, my dear pet owners these are all ideas I have to share with you. Let me know if you too have some. There are also some DIY ideas, which I will share on my next blog.

Love your pet, keep their spirits high and make their stay cheerful with you.

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