Pet Disaster Management: How to Plan and Prepare

Kansas tornadoes hit Colorado just a few days back. Reports revealed injuries and damages in the eastern Colorado. I marked myself saved over social media sites, but failed to mark myself stress free, as I was very concerned for my little kittens. I own two of them who are invariably timid, shy and faint-hearted creatures. … Continue reading "Pet Disaster Management: How to Plan and Prepare"

Fish as Pets: A Beginner’s Guide

According to a survey of American Pet Products Association, 95.5 million of freshwater fish are owned by US household. The number outweighs Dogs and Cat ownership, which stands at 77.8 million and 85.8 million respectively. Fish makes great pets. You can celebrate your lazy hours relaxing your mind by enjoying the tranquil and serene image … Continue reading "Fish as Pets: A Beginner’s Guide"