10 Qualities For a Professional Pet Sitter

Pet sitter takes care of your fur kid when you are on a vacation or busy with your regular office works. But finding the appropriate pet sitter can be challenging. Before you start searching for one of your choices, here are 10 traits that you should look for.

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Time Adjustment

Your job commitments may call you at any time, and so you must choose a pet sitter who is at your convenience. Hire a flexible pet sitter who can step in on short notice.

Patience Matters

You know your furry love seldom goes by your plans. It is the patience of your pet sitter and the signs of love and care that can facilitate any situation and help your pet to learn and follow the circumstances.


A pet sitter should be sensitive and sympathetic to understand all your pet’s needs and respond with love and care. She should be able to read your pet’s mood. They should feel when your pets want to enjoy a nap, and when your pet wishes to go for a walk or play with them. Pet sitters must avoid any physical punishment and/or force like dragging on your dog’s leash while enjoying a walk.


You may need to handle the spare keys of your house to your pet sitter, so she must be honest, and reliable. To check this, you can ask for the reference from her previous employers and know her background. Keep faith in your intuition before hiring anyone.


Do you own a German Shepherd or a Neapolitan Mastiff? The owners of these large dog breeds must select an experienced pet sitter who has enough skill to control them. Before hiring a dog sitter for large breeds, ask them to provide a certification of their previous employer.


I am sure that you have taught your pets the rules of your house. When hiring the sitter, make sure that your sitter maintains them. You must not allow your pet sitter to bend the rules of your house.

If you don’t allow your furry friend to lie on the sofa or take a nap in your bed, your pet sitter must not undo your training.

Even if your pet gives your pet sitter the begging puppy-dog-eyes, your pet sitter must remain strict and consistent.


You appoint pet sitter to smoothen your life and not to cause you any additional trouble. It is important for you to keep the faith on your caregiver and trust him, which should help you to schedule your plans with confidence. Set a clear agreement between your pet sitter about your rules and work schedule.


Insurance is essential for any professional pet sitters. A license shows if the person is professional and serious about her business. Insurance protects you, your pet and the pet sitter if something unexpected happens. You can also look for a contract defining the services, pay rates, rules etc.

Genuine Love for Animals

Before hiring any pet sitter, it is better to arrange an interview and ask few interesting question to check the candidate’s personality. You can include simple questions like – What are the funniest incident you experienced with your pets? What are the most embarrassing situations you have ever experienced with your pets?

An experienced and genuine pet sitter will be eager to share their feelings with you.

You can also ask about the pets they have owned or cared for – a person interested in pets will always be eager to share their stories with you. An interactive discussion session will help you to assess their love for pets and level of excitement for this job opportunity.

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